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Phoenix Arizona — Despite no drought being declared over and no local water restrictions, experts say more can be done to conserve.

Residential Landscaping News: Switching to artificial turf.

One adjustment thousands of Arizona residents have made is going green by replacing their real grass with artificial turf. The synthetic grass industry is skyrocketing around the country, especially in Arizona where water is a rare commodity. Reasons people switch from real grass to artificial grass. Home owners don’t want to water. They don’t want to have to pay the gardener. They don’t want to take care of the lawns themselves.

Tony Criss of AJ Criss Industries said calls for the artificial grass to his landscaping company have increased 25 percent even though people can run their sprinklers all they want. The problem with doing that is the cost of water, which increased more than 40 percent for some people, has remained the same.

“This is something that I think people are finally realizing that we have to do something and that’s certainly a way to do it,” said Criss.

In California home builders like Colrich are keeping up the awareness by displaying artificial turf in some of their new models in Carlsbad. “Well, we just think long term it’s going to be very important and critical to San Diego,” said builder Kirk Philo. I think we will be seeing the same around the other desert dwelling cities such as Phoenix Arizona and Las Vegas Nevada.  Developers and builders said it’s important to remember that there are highly populated cities that will always be a desert. “We know that within the next few years that we’re going to get right back into the same situation,” said Criss.

Since the early 1990s, the use of synthetic grass in the more arid Western states of the United States has moved rapidly beyond athletic fields to residential and commercial landscaping. This trend has been driven by the dramatic improvement in the quality and variety of available synthetic grasses, the reduced cost of maintenance and care compared to natural grass, and the realization that artificial lawns can be a significant water conservation measure in areas like Phoenix Arizona where water usage is a concern.

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