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Artificial Grass in Phoenix, AZ

Artificial Grass – Less Maintenance and More Play Time

Fields at schools, recreation centers, and parks get a lot of abuse. Grass inevitably gets torn up, with bare patches that turn to mud. Maintenance work and expenses for water, fertilizer, and labor never end, and the constant need for mowing that produces unwanted noise and can interfere with play scheduling. In our experience, the best solution to this problem is getting artificial turf for athletic installations.

Artificial Turf Eliminates Additional Annual Costs

Less work, more play. Isn’t that the point? Sunburst Landscaping, Inc.’s artificial grass is a game-changer for athletic and recreational use fields. No ongoing costs for water and maintenance. No noisy, disruptive mowing.

Our MaxxFlow drainage system drains 10x faster and dries quickly. No puddles, no mud, no repeated repairs. Just extremely durable, soft grass that’s allergen- and toxin-free.

The athletic arena is where EasyTurf’s position as a FieldTurf company is crucial. We have said it since the day we created our very first turf system in 1994:

FieldTurf is more than just a turf company. We are the pioneers of today’s generation of artificial turf and the innovators for tomorrow’s cutting edge sports surfaces. Our fields have paved the way for little league dreamers, local school heroes, college rising stars and professional sports icons. FieldTurf is the most trusted name in artificial turf.

Contact us to learn how developing a plan to replace sports turf can translate into major savings over time.

Artificial grass that we've installed in Phoenix, AZ