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Local Rebates

Water Conservation Information and Artificial Grass Rebate Programs

Public Service Discounts
Active Military, Police, and Fire Discounts


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (623) 333-4400 or

Rebate Programs:

Landscape Conversion for Residential: up to $400

“Smart” Irrigation Controller for Residential: up to $50

Landscape Conversion for Non-Residential: $200 per 1,000 sf

“Smart” Irrigation Controller for Non-Residential: $200


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (480) 782-3583 or

Rebate programs:
New Home Landscape: $200

Landscape Conversion: $200-$3000

“Smart” Irrigation Controller: up to $250


Contact: Water conservation Office, (480) 503-6098 or

Rebate Programs:

Free water checkups

Water Education Workshops


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (623) 930-3760

Rebate Programs:

Online Brochures Available

Low-Water-Use Landscape Classes offered for free

Rebate Programs:

Landscape Conversion for Residential: up to $750

New Home Landscape: $200

Landscape Conversion for Non-Residential: up to $3000 with participation in Water Budgeting Program


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (623) 932-3010

Rebate Programs:

Free Water Conservation Classes

Free Home Irrigation Check-Ups

H2OwnIt Landscape Awards to win free water for a year with creative water efficient landscaping


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (480) 644-3306 or

Rebate Programs:

Online Publications Available

Interactive Water-Wise Landscaping Guide

Rebate Programs:

Landscape Conversion for Residential: $500 based on eligibility guidelines

Landscape Conversion for Non-Residential: $5000 based on eligibility guidelines


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (623) 773-7993

Rebate Programs:

Conservation and Watering Tips

Sustainability University Classes

Rebate Programs:

“Smart” Irrigation Controller for Residential: up to $250

Landscape Conversion: up to $1650 based on square footage

New Home Landscape: $150 with inspection and approval.


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (602) 261-8367 or

Rebate Programs:
Water Efficiency Interactive Site

Free Conservation and Landscape Workshops


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (480) 312-5650 or

Rebate Programs:

Water Education Booklets available

Water Efficiency Workshops

Landscaping Workshops

Rebate Programs:

Installation of WaterSense Irrigation Controller: up to cost of device

Removal of Warm-Season grass: up to $1500


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (623) 222-6000 or

Rebate Programs:

Watch Surprise University Landscape Classes Online

Landscape Watering Guidelines


Contact: Water Conservation Office, (480) 350-2627 or

Rebate Programs:

Free Home Water Audits

Landscape Workshops

Display at Tempe Festival of the Arts

Rebate Programs:

Landscape Rebate for New House or Conversion: $.25 per square foot on approval

Grey Water Rebate: 50% of purchase price of system up to $200


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