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Dog Turf in Phoenix, AZ

EasyTurf has designed their Pedigree artificial grass package specifically for pets with MaxxFlow revolutionary drainage capabilities, rinse-ability unmatched durability, and Envirofill antimicrobial infill.

If you are looking for a solution to keep your yard protected from holes and bare patches then look no further. EasyTurf has designed artificial grass for dogs with revolutionary drainage capabilities.

Not only does artificial landscaping for dogs protect your yard, but it also keeps your pet clean too! So you can relax, put away floor cleaner, and throw away the dog shampoo knowing your pet won’t track mud all through your house.

Pets and their owners love our EasyTurf synthetic grass because it looks and feels like a real lawn, ensuring a pleasant, safe environment for owners and pets to play together. Don’t just take our word for it, download our Pet Owners Case Study below and read a real testimonial from one of our customers.

Due to its unmatched durability, EasyTurf has proven to stand up to even the most active pets and its low maintenance features make keeping a beautiful, problem-free lawn all year long easy.

Plus, over time, EasyTurf artificial landscaping for dogs saves thousands of dollars in maintenance and watering.



  • MaxxFlow drainage makes dog grass clean up a snap
  • Discolor and stain resistant grass for dogs
  • Most dogs will give up digging
  • Fixes dogs killing the grass
  • Muddy paws and dirty pets are a thing of the past
  • Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic artificial dog grass
  • Eliminate water waste and fertilizing
  • Remains cooler to the touch than products with nylon materials
Artificial Grass for Dogs
Dogs love artificial grass